A collection of (arbitrary) rules that help me write more consistently.

An overview with tools and resources to select proper and beautiful colors for visualizations.

This is the source-code (not yet cleaned up) that creates the image below, demonstrating a funny coincidence: The golden ratio is almost the mile-to-kilometer conversion rate.

A matplotlib style that imitates a certain newspaper.

This is an attempt to use reinforcement learning to teach a machine binary search by letting it play a simple card game.

A smallish implementation of the as-SN solver that was proposed in Ray Effect Mitigation for the Discrete Ordinates Method Using Artificial Scattering by Martin Frank, Jonas Kusch, Thomas Camminady, and Cory D. Hauck.

Here are some updates on the sPYnning repository with new animations, such as Game of Life and diffusion equation styled globes. The idea is to use the connectivity of the quadrature to solve the diffusion equation, or to play Game of Life.

...are easy with gif.

frames = []

for i in range(10)

frame = myplot(i)


The source code can be found here and images here.

For the Netflix Challenge, we provide the data in this repository. Additionally, here are some simple visualizations with Plotly.
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A solution that requires only 89 characters and uses no if-statements is this one:

for n in range(1,101):



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Below is a matplotlib style sheet that gives plots a KIT-ish feel. The pasted file below can be saved under ~/.config/matplotlib/stylelib/kit.mplstyle and used via"kit").
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The book ‘A Dictionary of Color Combinations’ by Sanzo Wada contains a collection of beautifully crafted color combinations found here.
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The visualizations show the spreading of different viruses and how they kill. The idea was inspired by a NYTimes article.
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Here are some of the images that were hosted on the old Wordpress website. The post content might follow in the future. For now, this is just a collection of images.
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This is my contribution for the Reddit DataViz Battle of July. The data is created with Plotly Express, in just a few lines of code.
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