Crawling WASET

Inspired by the Work of Svea, Suggy and Till on Fake Science (presented at DEF CON 26) I wrote some scripts to crawl the WASET side for abstracts and publications.

As they mention in the video that it is not legal to update the data set itself, here is a link to the Github repository that crawls the WASET side and downloads the content.

The implementation (the crawler) is probably not very efficient so please feel free to fork the repository.

Click here for the Code.

Visualizing running routes with Matlab and garmin-connect-export


I’ve had a Garmin running watch (Forerunner 620, great watch!) for quite a while and ran a lot with that watch. Sadly, Garmin Connect is lacking an “export all” feature for your runs. We will use garmin-connect-export to download all our runs and visualize them with Matlab to obtain a heatmap-like summary of the most frequent routes we’ve been running.

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On colormaps

Problems with the (old) standard colormap in Matlab are widely known. Even MathWorks addressed this issue after changing the default colormap in this blog post. But there are several other sources that discuss this issue or provide better colormaps. Most of them just a short Google search away (e.g. here, here or here).

The de facto standard source for good colormaps is ColorBrewer developed by Cynthia Brewerbased on the research of Dr. Cynthia Brewer. To use these maps in Matlab, you can use BrewerMap by DrosteEffect.

To summarize some of the different colormaps, I chose some typical numerical results that I often have to visualize. These are visualized with different ColorBrewer maps, as well as with jet for comparison.

The first example is the checkerboard test case. A source is placed in the middle of the domain and emits radiation in a heterogeneous environment. As for all further pictures: everything is the same but the colormap. The checkerboard results are shown below.

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