Reddit DataViz Battle May

For the Reddit DataViz battle of May month the above visualization is my submission (link).

Description is for the original figure, the video is an updated version!

The goal was to visualize a table on the safety of transportation from Wikipedia:

I wanted to compare the different types of transportation, not necessarily comparing the Journeys/Hours/km for one single type of transportation. I thus normalized every column with the values for a bus ride.
The bar chart shows a countdown of survivors. The idea is basically to count down how long it takes until 100 people are dead due to trips with different types of transportation. When normalizing the bus row we see that the “death rate” per journey equals the rate per 23 minutes or per 11 kilometers of bus rides. I took this a base line. Thus the countdown for bus rides is the same over all three columns. All other types of transportation are then relative.

The problem in visualizing the time evolution is the vast difference of scales when for example comparing Space Shuttle journeys with bus transits. Thus I increased the “speed” of the animation. That is, every frame I add constant*speed*rate to the death count of one bar (or subtract, since I count down). The constant is chosen to make the video not too long, the rate is given by the data and speed is given by power(2,n) where n increases by one every ten frames. This allows to capture the different ranges effectively.

Overall I am happy with the plot but not too happy with the title / labeling. Here I am very much welcoming any suggestions for a better labeling.

Oh, and the code will be posted after I tidy up everything!


I think I solved the problem. A better way to display everything is by having an increasing count of deaths. Normalizing is no longer necessary because we will add the journeys/time/distance that was necessary to reach a count of 100 fatalities by a billion people. The result is shown below.

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